Monday, December 7, 2009


December is a difficult month. Not only am I busy with all of the holiday preparations, but I barely have time to shoot any new pictures. Sales have been slow as well (although this was expected since most people say that microstock slows down in December). So, I think I'm going to have only two goals for this month:

1) Apply to Shutterstock
2) Take/upload one shoot to my portfolio

Not the most ambitious goals, but it will have to do until 2010. I plan on doing some major thinking this month about my microstock future and determining what types of photographs I want to focus on. I hope that things will be back and running come January.


Luis said...

wish you luck, I am working on some pictures taken last month :)


David Fowler said...

Best of luck for your next Shutterstock application. Regards, David.

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