Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Better luck next year

It appears that Shutterstock is not in the cards for 2009. On the latest application, I got 6/10 again. One of the pics that was approved last time was rejected. Otherwise, that would have made 7.

Well, I think my goal for this month was to apply, so goal accomplished! :-)

On another note, I seem to be getting some sales this month. It probably won't be my best month, but at least some sales are going through. Now, I just have to get one more shoot in for the year...


Luis said...

too bad..! I guess sometimes SS is hard (just a little...) after getting approval, they will accept all your photos I bet.. :P

good shooting!

Moonb007 said...

Keep at it, their gate keepers are hard to get by...but once in its a lot easier

Licht und Blindheit said...

Unlucky.. as above, once in, they are less stringent. Use the forums on SS as they will help as they helped me. Another tip, don't use the same 10 photos, always shoot another set of 10.

Have a great Christmas tho!

David Fowler said...

Bad luck Brandy, 2010 is your year for Shutterstock, for sure! Regards, David.

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