Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Slow Month

So I just uploaded the few (and only) December images tonight. I doubt I'll get around to doing any more this year.

In terms of sales, I'm doing decent. I've almost met my total downloads from November, but the numbers aren't as high due to a lot of my sales coming from non-iStock agencies. ($.30 per download instead of $1.50+) I'm happy that my other agencies are starting to pick up. Still nothing on CanStock, so we'll see how they do after the new year.

How's your month going?


Luis said...

Hi there! I am having a very good month, got my first and second EL ever in iStockphoto :) Check my blog!

merry xmas

Brad Shearer said...

I have to say so far December is the worse month ever for me coming in with a whopping 0 sales. Nodda none nonya through any agency. I did submit 5 more images to all of the agencies this month, but I think they may, once again, been too art'y for stock. I'll be out camping with my son this weekend i'm hoping to get a few images to submit from the adventure.

BJS said...

Hi Luis, I saw your blog - that's great! Congrats!

And Brad, I saw the YMCA pics on your website. I think they're very good. And you never know what's good for stock. I've had a few of my more artsy photos sell, while some of my studio shots never get views. It all depends on the buyer. Hopefully you got a few good camping pics! :-)

gaja said...

BME on Dreamstime, accepted on Istock (no sales yet). A good month :)

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