Saturday, October 17, 2009

Microstock websites

Currently, I submit images to 6 microstock companies. Links to my portfolios can be seen below:
  1. 123RF
  2. BigStockPhoto
  3. CanStockPhoto
  4. Dreamstime
  5. Fotolia
  6. Stockxpert
I am also trying to gain acceptance into iStockPhoto and Shutterstock; however, my applications have been denied and I am working to better my portfolio before applying again.


Cathy Mason said...

Have you tried Pixmac yet?

BJS said...

Hi Cathy! No, I have not tried Pixmac yet. Are you a photographer? Do you have any experiences to share?

blenderhead said...

Hi there,
I'm a currently a student and I was wondering how exactly i should go about applying to submit images on a micro stock site. Any advice would be appreciated.

BJS said...

Hi Blender! Welcome to microstock!

For a lot of beginners, they focus on the "Big 6" - Shutterstock (SS), iStockPhoto (IS), Dreamstime (DT), Fotolia (FT), Stockxpert (SXP), and 123RF. Each website has their own starting criteria which may include submitting test images for their approval. I initially had trouble getting into SS and IS, so I added BigStockPhoto (BSP) and CanStockPhoto (CSP) to the mix.

There are two important things when submitting photos for microstock - #1 is the quality. Your images have to be focused and without noise and other artifacts when viewed at 100%. When you first sign in to iStock, they have a really good photographer manual that explains all of these things. You won't be able to submit your test images without reading this manual. Good info. #2 is the stock-worthiness. Unfortunately, each website has different criteria. But, just make sure you submit pictures that people are going to want to buy. Avoid snapshots.

The Microstock Group Forums is a great place to go for general advice:

This important: DON'T GET DISCOURAGED. You may get a lot of rejections at first, but over time you will learn. For example, I have 102 images on one website, but only 45 on another (same portfolio). Just keep trying and keep uploading!

Lastly, I recently added an area to the right side of my blog with my referral links. It would be great if you could use these links when signing up. I'd love to refer you!

When you get up and running, please come back and post your portfolio link. I'd sure like to see how you're doing!

Good luck!

blenderhead said...

Thank you very much for the advice!
Just a couple more questions: I also like to do 3D renders of different things like star bursts and 3D characters. Would a micro stock site be interested in this kind of thing?
Also, I live in Australia so will they still send me checks over here? And will have to worry about the american tax forms if i say I'm from Australia?
Thanks again for the great advice!

BJS said...

Yes. I'm sure you will find that most micros will accept 3d illustrations. As for living in Australia, I know for a fact that a few of my blog followers are overseas (I know one from Portugal) and they seem to have no problem. If you're concerned, you may want to send the microstock company a quick email before signing up to make sure that they have the forms that you need.

Blenderhead said...

Ok! Thanks very much!
If I do get up and running I'll post my portfolio link.
Thanks again!

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