Thursday, November 5, 2009

iStock Application

For those of you who are curious about the images I submitted for my iStock application, please see below.

*Note* The thumbnails were taken from my CanStockPhoto portfolio since they are not up on the iStock website yet. (I had to re-submit them to add them to my portfolio).

As soon as I get images approved on iStock, I will post my portfolio link. As of right now, it's still a blank screen :-)

For those of you who are still trying to get into iStock, keep at it! It took me 4 tries to finally get accepted. It seems that iStock is consistently the #1 earner for a lot of photographers. I'm excited about the opportunities!


Luis said...

Congrats!!!! :) Very happy for you! Nice photos, you are doing an excellence job! I guess I enter iStock at my 2nd attempt..! Like you said it is a very good agency, the bad thing is the upload limit the 15/week, but give it your best and upload the best!! I am now there with 161 photos and 34 downloads but with 53$, pretty good in RPD!

cheers and I have commented on your 5$ photo post!

Luis said...

Hi again! I was checking and you failed at SS, how was that attempt?? how many got approved?? I entered just in my third attempt, because of a BIG ERROR!.. 1st I got 5 out 10, 2nd got 7 out 10, 3rd got 10 of 10!! I supposed that the two first attempts were all rejected photos, just realize that on the third attempt! :) Just to let you know! :)

if you need any help here I am to advise (newbie but know a thing or two)

BJS said...

I'm not sure how many pictures were approved with my SS application. On 3 out of 10 of them, it simply said "7 out of 10 must be approved" in the critique area. So should I assume that those 3 images were approved??

Also, is it like iStock in the sense that if 3 were approved that I will only have to submit 7 new ones next time? Or do I have to submit 10 new images no matter how many were approved?

I have 2 days before my next attempt.

Luis said...

Hi there! That means that you have already 3 photos accepted, but this time they can get rejected, but NO, they will pass! :)

Like I always say, submit the best of your work but remember to upload different subjects (people, food, object, travel..) so the reviewer doesn't get "bored"..! You can also submit the photos in the SS forum, but they will be very demanding, don't be disappointed, you don't need to have such a perfect picture to get IN!

If you need any advise please tell me,

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