Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shutterstock Portfolio

For those of you who are interested, here are the lucky 8 that were initially accepted:

The approval times have been WONDERFUL!! I was accepted to SS AND had my entire portfolio reviewed within 1 day.


David Fowler said...

They can be incredibly fast. Especially for Editorial images. I think my best approval time was about four minutes after submission (on a Sunday as well!). Looking forward to hearing how your first month goes. Regards, David.

BJS said...

I've had 12 sales so far. I'm jumping for joy over here! LOL

Luis said...

eheeh I have told you, SS rulez! But you must feed the beast! :P great photos!

look at this blog post, to help you out regarding buyers/referrals across all agencies:


BJS said...

Speaking of "feed the beast," how does the SS search results work? Are all new images automatically the first that come up with a search? I noticed that I was on the 1st page for a few of my searches (which explains the sales). What happens in 1-2 months from now when I'm on page 30? Do the sales just drop off?

gaja said...

Congrats! Wonderful pictures, no wonder you were accepted. :)

yuri said...

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