Monday, February 1, 2010

January Microstock Results

Here are a few highlights from January:
  • First month at Shutterstock
  • First uploading milestone (100 images) at CSP, 123RF, and SXP
  • Best month ever overall in regards to sales!
  • Still no sales (ever) at CSP.

The next few months are going to be pretty hectic for me so I'm hoping to upload 1-2 more shoots before March that will hopefully hold me over until I can get back into it again. I know I need to consistently upload to SS to keep up the momentum, so that is my motivation!


Luis said...

Nice results! I want to have a performance like yours, I got more than 250files and around 15 downs..! I will post my earnings later..

cheers and keep up!

Brad Shearer said...

Congrats those look like Great Earnings!
I'm currious how many new shoots do you typically get in during a month? And how many images do you get out / submit to the agencies for those shoots?

BJS said...

Let's see...this past month I submitted about 23 images - 2 shoots. Some of my agencies accepted most of them. Others were more picky and only accepted a few.

I average 2 shoots/uploads per month. I don't really take pictures of "everything" anymore. My shoots tend to be a bit more focused (portraits, maternity, etc.) So, I tend to come away with less images to submit than before. I'm more into quality vs. quantity now, which is why I'm not really setting monthly uploading goals anymore. I'm a lot more picky now than I was when I started a few months ago.

boniourkee said...

Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

David Fowler said...

Hey Brandy, watch those Shutterstock sales fly! You had a great month there on a small portfolio. Obviously the quality over quantity effect. Wishing you even better for February. Regards, David.

Anonymous said...

困難要靠自己克服,障礙要靠自己衝破 ..................................................

Carl and Heidi said...

Hi I am new to Microstock also
Looks like you started the same time as me.

I have similar earnings but I am only on SS IS and DT and with far less images than your good self. Looking forward to see how you go..

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